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  James Mills ba0fab70ec Fix Go modules 1 year ago
  James Mills 7012224778 Remove coverage file commited by mistake 1 year ago
  James Mills 5a7e56cd4f Add Go modules support 1 year ago
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  James Mills d8a2f839d2 Fixed tests 1 year ago
  James Mills 01f751805e Fixed a bunch of bugs found with go-fuzz 1 year ago
  James Mills 97f53e068d Fixed JSON handling/output for the client library 2 years ago
  James Mills 9905aa689a Add Go Report Card badge to README 2 years ago
  James Mills 47f4f60f66 Updated README usage/install instructions 2 years ago
  James Mills 58c03baeb4 Add CodeCov support and badge to README 2 years ago
  James Mills e670ccffff Remove a bunch of cruft (that also really exist in exampes/) 2 years ago
  James Mills 1c3e82ceec Add GoDoc badge to README 2 years ago
  James Mills 34cb21f4c0 Support raw query strings in the URI 2 years ago
  James Mills 435112fefe Fix for servers/gophermap with bad line endings 2 years ago
  James Mills 0f4bedb6c5 Add CLI client 2 years ago
  James Mills 3cea3ab217 Fixed host selectors by provising a -host option and passing this through to server and handlers 2 years ago
  James Mills 91ba32dc29 Added simple gopherd cmd (server) and Dockerfile (image) 2 years ago
  James Mills 48590e76b1 Add TLS support 2 years ago
  James Mills 48e230ab23 Fix import for context 2 years ago
  James Mills 258627c692 Revert "Fix compatibility with GO 1.6 for context package" 3 years ago
  James Mills 5fdce9bb55 Fix compatibility with GO 1.6 for context package 3 years ago
  James Mills ad8bf6b3b7 Updated README 3 years ago
  James Mills bdec5b79f4 Add the non-standard d (Document) type 3 years ago
  James Mills a4d1dd195b Improved tolerance of client parsing 3 years ago
  James Mills c0653acd64 Remove more debug logging 3 years ago
  James Mills b02b629fe9 Improve support for bad servers and hand-written/broken Gopher menus 3 years ago
  James Mills d5262b612a Add link to Floodgap in example hello server 3 years ago